Malta Global Residency Programme

GRP is a Malta global residence programme that provides exceptional tax status applicants. It is designed to attract people who are not EU, EEA, or Swiss citizens and who are not long-term Maltese residents.

Global Residence Programme Rules         

To apply under these rules, an individual must be primarily an EU, EEA, or Swiss citizen who is not already a “permanent resident” of Malta – the term for persons benefiting from this or similar immigration schemes. It is not used to indicate but in this sense. The individual must also meet specific criteria that apply to all applicants, i.e., applicants less than 275,000 in Malta or ‘Gozo or south of Malta, is located in Malta’ Must have ‘Qualified Ownership’. As an alternative to less than 220,000, the applicant must lease a ‘qualifying rental property’ located in Malta for a property located in Gozo or the south of Malta annually, less than Not less than 8,750 a year.

The applicant should not benefit from any other tax-exempt program in Malta. The applicant must have a receipt of a stable and permanent resource that is sufficient to sustain himself and his dependents. Housing Program Rules apply from 2014 Human Resource Services Residence Program Rules. The applicant must have all the valid travel documents. Applicants must have health insurance covering all of the EU’s risks to themselves and their dependents, as it usually covers Maltese citizens. The applicant may speak Malta in an official language. The applicant must be a fit and appropriate person (the Home Department Revenue conducts an international qualification exercise before granting special tax status). A non-refundable ref 6,000 registration fee must be paid upon request. However, non-refundable administrative fees for applications for possession of an applicable property located in the south of Malta will be 5,500.

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