Having an emergency at home and require quick cash unexpectedly? Well, this is why short-term loans exist. Short-term loans are the quickest way of borrowing and paying back money to avoid long-term debts. If you don’t need a huge amount but require immediate cash, you can choose to get a payday loan or any other short-term loan.

Find the best lender near you:

The process of getting a payday loan is not very hard but finding the best short term lender can be difficult. We are here to ease your difficulty by introducing you to LoanPig. They are one of the best lenders of short-term loans in UK and provide you with flexible payback options at relatively low-interest rate.

The application process is smooth as you can now complete the application process online to get your payday loans. They have an efficient customer care team to help you out during the process and find the perfect loan for you.

Process of getting a payday loan:

The process of getting a payday loan is very simple. You just need to fill up the application form and pass the initial checks done by the lender. If you fit in all the criteria of the lender, your loan will be approved and the funds will be transferred immediately.

Later, if your bank supports faster payment you will receive your money within 2 hours, if not you might have to wait longer.

How quick is the quickest way of getting a loan?

Payday loans might be the quickest way of getting the loans but it also depends on various factors. An authorised and regulated lender will never claim to offer instant payments. Same day loans might be realistic but are not possible. If your details are clear and your financial situation is good, you might even get your loan in a couple of hours.

It would be the icing on the cake if your bank offers faster payment, you will not have to wait longer. In some cases, it might take longer if you have poor credit or do not match the lender’s criteria. It can also happen if the information you provided is unclear or faulty. It might even be the fault of a person or a computer algorithm that might make you wait.

Ways to make you are getting your loan faster:

Here are a few ways that you can practice to make your payday loans even quicker.

  • Use a payday broker like LoanPig as it acts as a lender and a broker to save your time. You just have to fill one form and it will be sent to various lenders approved by the FCA.
  • Always check information on loan payment times as some lenders send money quick than others. You must check if the payments are made only during office hours or at any time.
  • Provide accurately all the details mentioned to avoid delay in the approval of your application. A mistake in your application might either reject your request or take more time to process it.

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