Given the increasing amount of competition that most businesses face, many companies are thinking outside the box when it comes to marketing in order to stand out from the crowd. One of the most recent trends that is proving to be an effective form of marketing is the use of scent. Businesses are finding that by using scent as part of the customer experience, a stronger connection is built as not only does it provide a pleasant experience, but it also results in a stronger bottom line. Here’s a look at some of the advantages to using scent.:

Influence on mood

You can boost your health and mood by surrounding yourself with pleasant scents, according to Psychology Today.

It is thought that freshly baked bread and brewing coffee help sell a house. This is due to the power of scent and the strong emotional connections that people feel when smelling particular scents. It is therefore a great way of setting a tone for an amazing customer experience. Scents can be adapted to meet the type of mood the business wishes the customer to feel, whether it’s calm and relaxed or excited and energetic.

Increase in sales

Recent market research has shown that sales can be increased by up to 19 per cent through the use of scent marketing. In another situation, an electronics and appliance store reported seeing an increase in the number of sales of 33 per cent as a result of having sugar cookie and apple pie scents on the sales floors.

Creating a sensory signature

A lot of businesses are using the same scent to create a signature for their brand. Abercrombie & Fitch uses their “Fierce” scent to connect with their male teenage customers, while Westin Hotels use their “White Tea” signature scents to help customers feel relaxed and energised. This allows brands to distinguish themselves from any competitors. Advice can be sought on using scents for marketing a brand; scent marketing is available at Mood Media

Memory trigger

Enabling customers to tap into a memory via a scent is a powerful tool for businesses to use. If you own a furniture store and wish customers to feel immediately at home as they enter, scents from home such as freshly baked cookies can be used to evoke the desired response.

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