Sometimes you feel puffiness under your eyes and the main cause behind it is weakening of the tissues surrounding the eyes. These tissues tend to sag and droop which seems like a bag under the eyes. People visit doctors when suffering from this problem and continue having the prescribed treatments options. But some home remedies also work in this way to treat the bags under the eyes.

Although having medicines is a good option to recover as soon as possible and nowadays it becomes easy to collect our medicines at your doorstep through an online pharmacy. In old age, it is quite obvious to have these kinds of bags under eyes as the skin cannot hold back the fat resulting in puffy bags.

Coming on its causes then stress, dermatitis, weather changes, hormonal changes, excessive weight loss, allergic reactions, sleeplessness, excessive weight loss, allergic reactions, bad diet, sinus problems are some of its causes.

But how you come to know that you are having this problem like this can be physically visible but some symptoms make you sure about it. Mild swelling under the eyes, swollen or blurry vision, discomfort, redness around the eyes, eyes pain, burning sensation, itching, double vision, change in vision, difficulty in eyes and feeling like you are having foreign particles in the eyes. When the symptoms are ignored then some serious symptoms arises like vomiting, severe headache, fever, facial or neck swelling, difficulty in breathing and chill.

Home remedies are something that reduces the symptoms of this problem. Here are some home remedies for such patients:

  • Have plenty of water daily. When your body has hydrated the probability of retention of water is less.
  • Anti-irritant properties of the black and green tea bags help in reducing the swelling under the eyes. Inflammation and redness of the eyes are also cured by using it.
  • You can use chilled cucumbers to reduce the dark circles and wrinkles.
  • Egg whites are also a good home remedy to have for bags under eyes. It helps in tightening the skin under the eyes and prevents wrinkles too.
  • Have the good sleep and avoid allergens to eliminate puffy eyes.
  • Having a balanced diet with lots of vitamin A helps in keeping your eyes healthy.

People sometimes go for the pharmaceuticals to reduce the inflammation and water retention that sometimes have side effects like liver damage and drowsiness. A surgical procedure can also cause infection, vision problems, change in the position of the eyelids and tear ducts. So be careful about your eyes and keep yourself healthy and fit to avoid such health issues.

You have to change your lifestyle if going through an unhealthy one. Eye infections and puffiness are all that you can avoid by your own. Next time when you have the above-given symptoms then have the home remedies ready for you to avoid the pharmaceutical way of treatment and reducing the symptoms.

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