Plus500 is a trading platform that specializes in CFD trading. CFD is an abbreviation of Contract for difference. They are a type of financial instruments that allow you to earn money without owning the underlying financial instruments. You can make money regardless of whether an asset goes up or down in value. The important thing is that the underlying assets develop in the direction you predicted. Most CFDs are leveraged financial instruments. In Europe, you can trade using 1:30 leverage. In other parts of the world, you might be able to trade with higher leverage.

CFD certificates allow you to make a large return without having to invest a lot of money; If you buy a 1:30 CFD based on a stock and that stock goes up 1% in value, then you will earn 30% on your investment. If you think a stock will go down, then you need to buy a bear CFD. If you invest in a 1:30 bear CFD you will earn 30% for every 1% the asset loses in value. CFD:s allows you to make large profits but can also cause you to lose large amounts of money.

If you are based in Europe, the losses are limited to the money you have in your account. If you live in other areas of the world you might theoretically risk unlimited loses. The maximum theoretical lose depends on what type of CFD you invested in. It is only bear CFDs that can cause unlimited loses. The maximum theoretical loss when you invest in regular CFD:s can be calculated by multiplying your investment with the leverage used.

Plus500 offer CFDs based on stocks, commodities, Forex, cryptocurrencies and indices.

Plus500 holding company is listed and traded on the Nasdaq.

Is 500 a scam?

No, Plus500 is not a scam. They are a trading platform that is operating using licenses from a large number of different regulatory agencies in different countries. Which regulatory agencies that regulate the trade depends on which country you live in. You can read more about which jurisdiction regulates Plus500 trading in your country by reading this honest plus500 review.

CFD trading is very high-risk, and there are many disgruntled traders out there that has lost money trading CFD:s without understanding how they work. This has caused some traders to accuse plus500 of being a scam rather than taking responsibility for their own mistakes. Plus500 is an honest broker that offer high-risk financial instruments.

Plus500 and CFDs are not a good alternative if you are an amateur trader. It is a good and powerful tool if you are skilled enough to use CFDs responsibly. Never invest more than you can afford to lose.

Is Plus500 a good broker?

Plus500 offer an extensive selection of different CFDs that you can trade. They offer CFDs based on a vast selection of underlying financial instruments. The selection of CFDs is one of the best in the industry. Plus500 is therefore on of the best brokers if you want to trade CFDs.

Plus500 makes it very easy to open an account and deposit money. They offer a large selection of different banking options that you can use if you want to deposit money. Some transfers the money almost immediately. Others take several days to a week before the money is in your account. You need to verify your identity to be able to withdraw money. This is for your protection.

The trading platform is very well designed and easy to use. If you can buy things on Amazon, then you can use Plus500 to trade CFDs. Plus500 is very easy to use but still offers a large selection of different function for advanced traders. Functions that you do not need to use but that can be very valuable if you choose to use them.

Plus500 is a good CFD trader, but this does not mean that plus500 is a good broker for you. CFD trading is very high-risk, and most traders are better of avoiding CFD trading. CFD trading can be very profitable, but it requires a lot of skill and time to be done successfully. If you are not able to trade fulltime, then you should not trade CFDs. Plus500 is a very good choice if you want to try CFD trading, but you are most likely best of not trying CFD trading.

Most people who try CFD trading end up losing money.

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