Depending on the outcome of the financial fraud investigation, further action may be taken if someone is found guilty through a fraud investigation. SAPS is often involved to supply reports and it is not uncommon for the financial fraud investigation process to recover lost cash or assets. If the process is followed successfully, the following will occur:

Investigating All Cases

Even in cases where embezzlements of huge amounts of cash are not taking place, fraud investigations will uncover any unsavoury activity, even on a small scale. Any shoddy pricing changes or hints of tax fraud should prompt you to involve professional fraud investigations to get to the bottom of it, whether it is big or small.

Investigating Every Corner of a Case

Some people may identify an inconsistency in numbers, call in the experts for an accounting fraud investigation and ask no questions when it comes time for them to leave. Through effective financial fraud investigations, all of the origins and possible places the dubious business has crept into will be explored. Perhaps the fraudulent activity has grown into theft of assets or vice versa.

Covering All the Bases of Fraud Investigations

Specialised cases for fraud investigators may not always involve the obvious suspects or means of fulfilling the financial fraud investigation process. Fraudulent behaviour is multifaceted and so the financial fraud investigation process must be too.

When it comes to accounting fraud investigations, altered claim sheets or irregular numbers that cannot be traced on the books is a huge red flag which our investigators won’t miss. This should alert anyone to call for an accounting fraud investigation from professionals.

A professional financial fraud investigation process should also involve uncovering any instances of extortion or bribery when it comes to missing funds and the guilty parties.

If you have picked up on any red flags in your business that seem like they could be indicative of fraudulent activity, contact D&K Management Consultants for fraud investigations to protect your business’ finances and assets.

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