The office accessory that a person uses in their office is an item of value and must contain your company logo. Some of the many custom printed office accessories at BFX Furniture need to be affixed with your logo and promotional message on items including: plastic rulers, promotional envelopes, printed scissors, page flags, custom printed office trays, card holders.

If you’ve been looking for a promotional item that lasts for years, you’ve found it. Custom printed and promotional business card holders are the perfect organizer to collect all these business cards. Why not hand out a printed leather card holder with your business card to potential clients?

Promotional and custom logo printed solar calculators, cross calculators, and custom calculator gift sets make a great holiday thank you gift. Check out world time clock calculators, international money transfer calculators, and other gift sets for the printed calculator.

Placing your logo on promotional CD holders, custom printed plastic CD cases, or CD storage cases are a good long-term advertising option. Save your company presentation to CD and insert it into a custom leather CD sleeve.

One of the most functional promotional items in any office is an office box printed with a custom logo or promotional desk organizer. Custom logo and pencil cup holders make a great handy or holiday gift for new customers.

Promotional digital photo frames are among the most personal items to offer to an employee or customer. Digital photo frames printed with the custom logo can be downloaded along with the recipients’ photos. Personal digital photo frames are long-lasting commercial promotional materials.

Print your logo or message on promotional letter openers or business card letter openers. Custom printed letter openers in the office are kept and used frequently. Zippy brand message openers can fit inside your business card.

Promotional business card magnifiers are one of the best promotional items we offer. Custom Logo Printed Card Magnifiers can be mailed or occasionally delivered with your business card. Personal business card size magnifying glasses are an inexpensive tool that will stick with your message for many years. It can be mailed in an envelope or delivered with your business card.

Make a lasting impression with custom logo printed notebook holders, personal note holders, memo holders or other promotional items. The custom printed note holder sits on a desk creating the many impressions of the day.

Our printable and promotional rules really live up to the high definition of your logo or message. Choose from printable 6-inch or 12-inch rulers, custom plastic rulers, magnification rulers, promotional wooden rulers, cane scales, and other inexpensive promotional wooden rulers.

Promotional office staplers and small custom logo staplers are used several times a day. Your message printed in your custom logo on custom mini staplers or promotional staple removers are great promotional items to print your message.

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