Violence and aggression describe the same situation. Workplace violence is not bounded only as a physical assault but it is a much broader problem. It is explained as:

‘’Any act of abuse, intimidation, threatening, or assault at a person on his/her workplace’’.

Swearing, pranks, rumors, verbal abuse, vandalism, argument, sabotage, property damage, physical assault, anger-related incidents, rape, arson, psychological trauma, and murder are examples of workplace violence.

Some changes in the workplace also trigger stress and anxiety that appear as aggression and violence in the advance stage. These changes include the change in management, pay cut or pay freeze, an increase in diversity and computer activity monitoring, etc.

Workplace aggression and violence creates a poor workplace environment that harms business in many ways:

  • It damages the reputation of the company and good workers leave the organization because of its depressed environment.
  • This situation leads to poor morale of the workers and good workers not feel comfortable working with your organization.
  • Aggressive or violence causes stress and anxiety in workers and overtime workforce becomes less productive and unhealthy.
  • Violence and aggression lead the profit turnover of your company to a lower level. It also decreases employee turnover.

PMVA is the Prevention & Management of Violence and Aggression course. This course covers the aspects of communication, conflict management with a hands-on approach, Non-aggressive conflict management, and everything that employees need to diffuse and control potentially dangerous situations. PMVA training is mandatory for health care staff especially frontline workers and staff who work in violent/aggressive situations.

A progressive organization always needs a staff that is capable of dealing effectively with violence or aggression and must employ the skills related to breakaway, conflict management, and physical restraints. It is a 3 days course and course requirements for PMVA candidates are general health and reasonable fitness level.


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