Finding a good job in a business-related field starts with having the right degree. The trouble is that there are so many from which to choose. It can help to have a career goal in front of you as that can make choosing a business degree easier but even if you’re not entirely sure what your future holds, any one of these degrees can prepare you to compete in many industries. So what are the most common degrees out there? We’ve put together a list of the most widely sought-after options that are offered at schools across the country. These degrees provide courses that are designed to give you a general education about the basics of business while offering specializations that will make you better qualified for certain employment opportunities in your chosen field.

If you’re thinking about a career in business, read on to learn more about some of the many different types of business degrees offered at Emerson College to get you started on the road to success.


An accounting degree can prepare you to work in multiple fields as accountants are the nerve center of businesses large and small. They’re the ones tasked with keeping the financial house in order by balancing the books and ensuring all tax obligations are met. Accountants have a vast knowledge of business operations and tax laws.

Business Management

This program provides a wide range of business-related knowledge to help prepare you for a career in managing a company or even a department within that company. You’ll learn the fundamentals of accounting, sales, and managerial leadership.


It’s just like it sounds, you’ll need to be good at math as this degree teaches you economic principle and theory and prepares you for reading, assessing, and forecasting economic shifts in the marketplace. This is vital for a business to succeed as it can inform changes in corporate operational protocol and develop strategies for outshining the competition.

Healthcare Management

If you have an interest in working in the healthcare industry, this degree will give you the tools you need to understand what makes a healthcare facility operate successfully. This program offers business management lessons with an emphasis on addressing and solving complex challenges in the healthcare field.


This is another crucial piece of the puzzle for businesses worldwide. Marketing is the way you get the buying public interested in your product or service. Knowing how to develop effective and innovative marketing strategies through creativity and analysis of buying trends can prepare you for a job in this sector.

Supply Chain Management

Getting a product from its place of manufacture to the customer is a lot more complicated than you may think. It requires a complex network of participants to ensure that the item reaches the point of sale in the most efficient and effective manner possible. Devising and managing a supply chain requires knowledge of logistics and understanding all of the various methods for sales being used by today’s most technologically advanced companies.

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